All About AIXP

Customer Data Xperience Platform

AIXP “The First Customer Data Platform in Indonesia” is an omnichannel customer engagement and user retention platform that increases your customer lifetime value. AIXP unifies your customer data to a single platform that guarantees its security through a single customer view.

From these data, AIXP creates segmentation based on the customer’s profile and sends the campaign to the correct target as well as display analytic features that are capable to increase engagement with Your customer optimally.

Main Feature

  1. Track your Audience’s behavior and activity, both through online and through integration and backend import.
  2. Single Customer View allows You to analyze the behavior and activity of Your Audience personally in one location.
  3. Audience analysis and segmentation from activity data that are tracked.
  4. Omnichannel Customer Engagement allows you to automate communication with Your Audience through email and comprehensive push notification